Photovoltaic Solar

With the rising costs of electricity from most electrical utilities around the country, more and more consumers are looking to offset a significant portion of their energy needs. While conserving energy is a viable, often practical method, there is only a limited amount of conservation that can be made without severely altering your lifestyle or cost of living. The best alternative is a Grid-Tied Solar Energy System, which can be sized to provide any percentage of your electric needs, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on electric costs. Typically, a Grid-Tied Solar System will pay for itself completely, in energy cost savings, in under 15 years. With today’s Federal and State Incentives and Credits for Solar Energy Systems, and net metering laws, it is possible that your Grid Tie kit could pay for itself in 5-7 years.



  • Complete, Ready-To-Install Packages
  • Incredibly Cost-Effective For High & Fast ROI
  • Dedicated Customer Service & Technical Support Team
  • Pre-Engineered To Delivered Maximum Performance & Reliability

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