mitsubishi_ductless-indoor-acDo you need efficient heating or cooling?



Do you have baseboard heating and does it cost to much to use?


Do you heat your home with electric?


Do you need to dehumidify your home?



We can help you reduce your electric bills.
These ductless systems are available in ceiling, floor and wall mount.


WB Electric is a certified Fujitsu contractor and we can help you design, install and maintain a comfortable, efficient and affordable heating and cooling solution.


Ductless air conditioning and heating units have become very popular these days and for good reason. The advantages are numerous and the installation options for homeowners are significant.  A lot of our customers live in older homes and the thought of retrofitting them for duct work is out of the question. Traditional duct work is almost impossible to run without eliminating large amounts of closet space, basement headroom or attic floor space. Ductless is the answer!

The Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating system is the one we prefer to install. These units are the most efficient and have many comfort options for the homeowner. The options are all at your fingertips with the remote control that comes with each unit. The newest options are seven day programming, motion detection for automatic shut down when no one is in the room and the popular sleep mode.



Fujitsu-Ductless-showcased   Fujitsu showcase 2  Fujitsu-Halcyon-System-2

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